About Us

KOKS Group CEO Rick Koks

''Guaranteeing safety is a serious responsibility''

”Because we deliver industrial cleaning equipment all over the world, we noticed that safety and efficient working with machines is no standard knowledge. Also the guidelines in the field of industrial cleaning is nowhere the same, or sometimes there isn’t even a guideline. Guaranteeing safety is a serious responsibility, which requires a targeted approach, extensive expertise and a great deal of time. By means of starting the KOKS Academy we will be able to help our clients, and there clients, in order to ensure safety when carrying out cleaning activities. For 30 years KOKS Group successfully produces industrial cleaning equipment, including PED, ASME, ADR (CEOC) and/or ATEX (Ex) vacuum trucks. In this period we have acquired extensive experience and expertise in the field of industrial cleaning. By sharing our experience and expertise, we want your operation to become safer and more efficient by the day”. – Rick Koks, CEO

The KOKS Academy offers a learning environment in which “human being”, “vehicle/machine” and “method” are being discussed according to the highest safety standards that KOKS stands for. These three aspects must be understood at the same time in order to create a safe and efficient way of working. This results in a higher competence, an optimal inspection of the work, lower costs and a higher awareness for the user.

As dynamic manufacturer and supplier of (industrial) cleaning equipment KOKS is a global leader in the field of safety and quality. KOKS has a very high ambition level in these fields. Safety is number 1 and is aimed at the user, the equipment and the environment. As productivity partner for her customers, KOKS’s main goal is to ensure the highest availability level of their equipment. This is why the KOKS Academy is founded!

Why: We notice that knowledge is not sufficient enough when it comes to safety and efficiency. As a company being, we think it is very important that when it comes to safety and efficiency, every fibre in people their bodies is activated. We believe in the fact that as security and efficiency is paramount, this results in a better world for people and the environment.

How: by letting people see, feel and finally understand why things like safety and efficiency are important. Use our expertise to raise awareness and training in the field of safety and efficiency.

What: We give training sessions on location through our knowledge of methods and products in the field of safety and efficiency.

The history of KOKS Group

Why KOKS Academy?


Innovation is one of reasons why the KOKS Academy is founded. As the history of KOKS Group shows, innovation of the products and industrial cleaning methods are changing so fast, that it is important to keep our knowledge up to date.


Reliability of a machine doesn’t only includes the machine or it`s manufacturer. It also includes it`s operator. If you have a top of the bill machine, but it`s operator doesn’t know how to manage it, you cannot guarantee the reliability. The KOKS Academy helps you to achieve these goals.


Experience about the industrial cleaning market comes from our knowledge of producing machines. A part of our experience is coming from our total care team. A team dedicated to help customers with solving issues regarding industrial cleaning. These experiences have helped the KOKS Academy to provide suitable courses on every field of experience.
Cost reduction 75%
Knowlegde growth 85%
Awareness 90%
Productivity growth 75%
Total Cost of Ownership