GICA (Global Industrial Cleaning Academy) is an overarching organization that includes various academies. The goal of GICA is to create a standard within the worldwide Industrial Cleaning market in which man, vehicle / machine and method are discussed according to the highest global industrial safety standards, without losing sight of the practice.

As an organization, we see that there are various safety standards for man and vehicle / machine within the global Industrial Cleaning market, which ultimately results in different working methods.

There was one important question that was mentioned; How can it be that within the world of Industrial Cleaning different working methods and safety requirements are accepted, while it concerns the same kind of job?

That is why it is important to know that GICA has contacted several global manufacturers of Industrial Cleaning equipment and safety authorities. Together we want to get the Industrial Cleaning world on an equal level regarding safety. This all throughout training.

By linking the knowledge and expertise of high-quality producers to the requirements of the various safety authorities, within the Industrial Cleaning World, various course modules have been developed (focusing on the two major disciplines within the industrial cleaning market Pressure / Vacuum and High Pressure), which allows GICA to increase the knowledge, skills and competencies of industrial professionals.

GICA not only sees the direct user of the equipment, but also the managerial and controlling functions, as a target group. Think of Safety Officers of chemical complexes and Work Preparators of the cleaning companies. Together with the user of the equipment, they ensure that a safe working environment is created and the job goes well.

From the point of view of GICA, it is of great importance that the industrial cleaning world and its safety authorities speak the same language worldwide. By informing, connecting and training, GICA wants to create a highly unambiguous worldwide safety level!